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The St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund is dedicated to the preservation of the landmark St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery campus and sponsorship of its Neighborhood Preservation Center project. The Landmark Fund is responsible for the care and management  of the historic Ernest Flagg Rectory that houses the Center. To guide the Center's programming, a Steering Committee, now Advisory Committee was established. It is composed of  the current Board Presidents for each of the Center's Resident Partners (the Historic Districts Council, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and the St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund) as well as ad hoc members. The Landmark Fund's staff and the Center's staff are one-in-the-same, managing the range of programs represented on this website as well as those noted on the Landmark Fund website with the help of a dedicated and talented group of interns and volunteers.



Board of Trustees 

Stephen Facey, President

Leo Blackman

Joel Dabu

Laura Delano

Linda Francis

Hannah Gall

Jeff Hebert

Katherine Moore

Randy Wood

Sheryl Woodruff

Ex Officio:

The Rev. Anne Sawyer, Rector, St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery

Christine Breiner, Senior Warden, St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery

Trustees Emeriti

Barbara A. Brinkley

Nicholas Fish

In Memoriam

Georgia Delano

Albert Socolov

Neighborhood Preservation Center Advisory Committee

Daniel Allen

Leo J. Blackman

Stephen Facey

Arthur Levin


Kayte Handler, Deputy Director

Shanta Langford, Night Manager

Felicia Mayro, Executive Director


2018 Spring: Paula Cafiero, Jack Carlile, Hunter Lane, Tiffany Piko




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