Historic Ernest Flagg Rectory Green Initiative

In the summer of 2010, the Lower East Side Ecology Center held its internship program at the Neighborhood Preservation Center. Following the program, they generously offered to include us in the pool of candidates for their free EcoBizNYC Sustainable Small Business Program, which is designed to help small businesses in the East Village become more sustainable.  Representatives from LESEC evaluated our energy use, waste disposal patterns, and product purchases in order to assess areas of improvement. Based on this assessment and the information that we provided them, we are proud to announce that we automatically qualified as a Bronze Sustainable Business (10%-30%). That rating reflected points for recycling, opting for "green cleaning" service from Four Star General Cleaning, and use of temperature controls and timers on A/C and exterior lights. Our initial score was 23%, we have since increased this number to 50% to qualify for Silver status in 2012!


They gave us ten recommendations that we are strategically enacting:

  1. Install power strips in every outlet in daily use.
  2. Conduct an air leakage assessment.
  3. Weatherize windows and doors.
  4. Install low flow faucets.
  5. Install water displacers in toilets. (COMPLETE!)
  6. Install water-saving toilet flap.
  7. Purchase 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 
  8. Purchase recycled ink cartridges (COMPLETE!)
  9. Purchase 100% eco-friendly cleaning supplies (COMPLETE!)
  10. Green our roof by painting it off-white (COMPLETE!)

The St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund is committed to engaging in preservation and sustainability in action. Since our initial EcoBizNYC evaluation, we have been purchasing additional cleaning supplies from local vendors, such as Green Depot, as well as recycled ink cartridges. We're making it easier for groups in the building to recycle and are purchasing recycled office products whenever possible.  Our recent roof repair and waterproofing included the installation of a high-albedo, or reflective, off-white top coat, which should have an impact on our energy bill. We are well on our way to increasing our sustainability rating even higher this year!

Photo Credit: Susan De Vries, 2011.


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